Couples are invited to hold their Marriage ceremony in Kurrajong Heights Uniting Church. An historic stone church built in 1867. The Church can be inspected by arrangement with the Secretary via the Enquiry form on the contacts page.

The Marriage ceremony is usually conducted by a minister of the church. Ministers / Pastors from other Uniting Church parishes or other denominations are often invited to share in the Service, if invited to do so by the couple being married.

The Marriage Service itself follows the Order of Service authorised by the Uniting Church in Australia. 

Kurrajong Heights Uniting Church holds 80 people comfortably.

Information for those planning to Marry in Kurrajong Heights Uniting Church

Congratulations on deciding to take this major step in your lives. The following information is provided to help you with your preparation.  We do all we can to help you make your important day as memorable as possible. Attached is a copy of an Information Sheet which the Minister will fill in with you at the first Interview.


A Notice of Intended Marriage Form is to be completed and signed no later than one month and one day and no earlier than eighteen months before the day of your Wedding.  Normally this is done at the first meeting with the Minister conducting the Marriage Service, unless previously arranged.

Proof of age (Birth Certificate or Passport) is required by Law for both parties to the Marriage.

If either party has been previously married then proof of eligibility to re-marry is also required (e.g. Divorce Decree Absolute or Death Certificate of previous spouse).

Two witnesses, aged 18 years or over, are required to be present at the ceremony and to sign the official Marriage documents.


Preparation for your Marriage is essential, and will normally include at least two interview sessions with the Minister. These sessions give an opportunity  to discuss aspects of Christian Marriage and to plan details of your Marriage Service.  A rehearsal of the Marriage Service is arranged as close as practicable to the date of the Marriage.

An Invitation To Attend Worship Services and to take part in the life of this church is extended to you if you are not already involved in a Church.  We believe that attending Worship can be a helpful element in your marriage preparation; in understanding the elements of Christian Marriage, and in helping provide a firm foundation for your married life together.

The Marriage Ceremony:

Your Marriage Ceremony is a Christian Service of Worship. This means that the Minister is responsible for everything that happens at the Service. 

The Marriage Ceremony is outlined in the booklet given at the initial Interview. You are invited to read it carefully, noting the choices available. You choose as desired and necessary in consultation with the Minister.

Please make any final arrangements regarding musicians, soloists, music to be played, etc,, only after these matters have been discussed with the Minister. Your Wedding Ceremony can be celebrated outside of the Church building, e.g. a garden setting, but please first confirm the suitability of the venue with the Minister before finalising such arrangements.

Photographers and Videotaping:

Taking of photographs and videotaping during the service is certainly welcome.

Wedding Honorarium

The honoraria of $750 provides for the use of the Church, the Minister, Church Officer, administration, marriage preparation, etc.  A $150 non-returnable Booking Fee is requested.