What to expect on Sunday Morning

Worship is held every Sunday at 9:30am.

The beautiful historic building set in a picturesque location provides the space for reflection and devotion. Our Church is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so make yourself at home. Each service is a little different. We joke that they are like the story of the three bears. You can try them out and find the one that feels "just right" to you. 

Here's a helpful list of what you can expect to experience when you visit on Sunday morning from when you pull into the parking lot, getting around the church, following along in worship, and the all-important coffee and chat after the service.


We have our own parking area at the rear of the church.


When you enter the church through the main entrance, you’ll see people milling about, and screens and signs with church news and information about upcoming events and programs. Bathrooms are downstairs. 

Worship Services

Worship happens in the main sanctuary. Sit anywhere and feel free to bring your coffee with you. Our services include readings from the Bible and a message from one of our pastors. We have Communion every fourth Sunday during our service. Everyone is welcome to receive Communion.

Everything you need to follow along with the worship services is either printed or projected on the large screens in the worship centre. All the parts of the service are clearly laid out and the pastors provide additional guidance and explanation throughout the service.

Kids Church

Children are an important part of our Church. Our service is family-oriented and includes a children's talk and activity.

After the service

We'd love you to stay around after the Sunday Service, share great coffee and chat with us. If you're new to our Church make yourself known and we would love to give you more information about our Church.